Mengele PMC employs a select group of highly qualified technical authors, planners, consultants and advisors. They all have advanced physics and/or engineering degrees contributing their expertise and experience in writing and editing technical papers and articles to the highest professional standards geared to the international engineering press and on-line media. Mengele PMC is a trusted source of technical and corporate information and enjoys privileged access to the leading publications in the field.

The Mengele PMC graphics department is uniquely qualified and versed in developing and presenting technical content to the latest standards of contemporary design. Our creative team produces technical and corporate literature, posters and display wall for trade fairs, conferences and corporate events. We conceptualize and produce print advertising as well as banner ads for on-line presentation. We create e-books and web blasts as well as entire web presentations. All this to your own standards - if need be from the ground up.

Our seasoned event handling team has a proven track record of meeting the requirements of corporate and institutional organizations, large and small, worldwide. The event team is well experienced in accommodating various organizational and legal environments. We deliver turnkey solutions - before, during and after an event.